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Get Instant Access to Inheritance

Now is the time

to rewrite all of the old stories,
and to redefine what it feels like to receive.

We are in the midst of a Financial Revolution

and we are rewriting and rewiring the stories that have kept us in lack and limitation for generations.

What would it feel like to never make another decision based on budget, and instead every choice you made was guided by alignment? Now is the time to find out.

Inheritance is a four week course designed to make you magnetic to money. The door is open for a few more days.

Join the Revolution!

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a worldschooling, rebel mom of 4 and have made multiple seven figures teaching women how to make money on the internet for the past seven years. 

And what I have learned in the intimacy of midwifing a woman into her overflow is that to transform our ability to both receive and hold more wealth, we must do two things. Dissolve the false programs and beliefs that we have inherited, and transform the systems and structures we have in place for money flow.

Are you tired of feeling like money runs from you, or baffles you, or that you have no clue where to even begin to change your relationship with her?

The truth is, those feelings and experiences are not YOU, they have been passed to you and implanted into your energy field for generations.

Your essential nature is ease, overflow, and abundance. Worthiness is revolution. Wealth in the hands of women is revolution. Bringing your medicine to the world is revolution. 

Now is the time to become IRRESISTIBLE to money. Are you ready?

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Woman, we need you in the full expression of your wealth.  

Inheritance is four weeks of de-programing, repatterning and wealth creation that will challenge you, activate you, bring you into contact with all that is not you, and make you magnetic to money. Doors close in just a few days. 

We need you resourced, witnessed, and sharing all of your magic with the world. Are you ready to say yes to your innate wild wealth? 

Say Yes to Your Essential Wealth
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Live Classes

We will meet as a group for Four, 90 minute classes beginning Friday, August 19 at 10 am PST. You will also receive lifetime access to the beautiful replay library for the course.


We will go deep into the internal and external experiences and indoctrinations that have shaped your relationship with money thus far. Historical as well as current influences will be unpacked and unplugged.


Through a series of both practical money system upgrades and more mystical energetic transmissions, we will open new channels, and reveal ourselves as women who are here to receive and hold more wealth in this world.

Excited to create some money on the internet?

 Become an affiliate! When you purchase the class you will receive an opt in to become an affiliate and receive 50% commission on all course sales through your free link. You can also join our sweet telegram community and receive extra connection and support in that space.

I'm a full yes! Take me to checkout!

What you are seeking is seeking you.